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About Us

Gateleven is new approach to the market and a new customer experience, based on innovation, style and personalized service.


Founded in 1996, Gateleven started as an association of the Portuguese company Modiborse with the prestigious Italian retail company, I’Santi. In that same year, they opened the first 9m² I’Santi store at Lisbon Airport. The following year they opened a store in the domestic market at the largest shopping center in the Iberian Peninsula, the Colombo Shopping Center.

In the following years, new stores were opened at the remaining national airports, by Gateleven Team.



The Company continued its ambitious path upgrading the Football Corner concept to Football Gate, dedicated to the sale of sports in general, like Football, Rugby, NBA, and Motorsports. Therefore Gateleven reopened Lisbon, Oporto, Faro, Funchal, and Azores stores. Gateleven was eager to create something different and for that reason was born Fashion Gate, a concept dedicated to the fashion lovers. It also renewed the Travel and Business concept.

Gateleven decided to improve the Travel & Business by I’santi concept, according to the customer needs, developing the Travel & Business Gate, a store for the businessman and for someone who seeks for a traveling experience. Because Gateleven is always ahead in the market, last year did a rebranding of the Football Gate concept that now is called Sports at Heart and the Fashion Gate concept as well.